Sky Tree Lounge

At Level 14TH

Sky Tree Lounge and Restaurant

Proposed 24x7 Sky Tree Lounge, the high rise tower view at level 14th, first time in gujarat. The lounge features a panoramic view of gandhinagar city. Space is blended with foods and drinks, business freak ups and the view from the highest place in gandhinagar. Ideal environment for closure of business deals for corporates, real estate etc. Place to chill with friends, colleagues, business partners and enjoy a new cuisine surrounded by a magnificent view at 58m up in the sky.

Property Info

Sky Tree Lounge at level 14th space blended with business freak ups and watering gourmet it shall give unparallel experience for dinning and corporate meet-up. It is planned to create ideal environment for deal closures and business etiquette. It is a place for evening and night chills with steaming tea, coffee fragrance and flavor of Ice Cream.

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