It is inspired from the sun which is the heart of the universe; a forever source of energy that fuels prosperity.
Hrudhyam offers analytical space zoning based on the sun's structure. Multiple size retail and office spaces make the project interactive while assuring more and more footfalls and business.


Prominence is exquisite office spaces for corporate with energy saving location of North – East Lighting with three level extravagant entrance lobby. With the rising sun prominence sparkles with east lighting. The spaces are crafted for corporate requirements and sliced spaces for all business models. Prominence offers three level extravagance lobby entrance. ‘Prominence’ is further planned into ‘Corona’ and ‘RUTU’.


'Tara’ is planned for retail spaces and ‘Tara Court Yard’ which forms retail and entertainment zone. It offers diverse business options from Multi Branding to ATM, separate double-height entrance with designated branding areas. 'Tara Elliptical Courtyard’ and common areas will be airconditioned for the pleasant experience. Tara is ideal for fashion outlets, fast food outlets, eatery, coffee shops, branding, designing studios, gymnasiums, banks, fashion boutiques, investment bankers.


Flare offers start up spaces that motivates to achieve the extraordinary. As Hrudhyam is Integrated Planned project, Flare shall provide great business opportunity to the Start Up company which can be ancillary companies to the corporate offices in the project. A Separate double entry entrance lobby shall define entrance corridor for feel and pride. North East Ligthing advantage and planned coffee shop shall rejuvenate Flare.